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It’s a fact: health and beauty are nested, merged. Nutricosmetic, is the In of the OUT. Thanks to the precision and power of nutritional supplement, it’s possible to act in depth on various organs and fonctional mechanisms, well beyond topical care applied on the skin. Nutritional assets are real tools working daily on the whole body to activate, nourish, purify and prevent aging. From within, we deeply optimize performances.


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D-LAB uses combinaisons of ingredients operating 9 internal levers for results that last over time.


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Active Foods

Next generation of healthy snacking


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Active Foods

Next generation of healthy snacking


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Eat Clean

A new gesture in the beauty routine

Among green tea and chia seeds, before applying a nurishing serum, nutritional supplements complete our beauty routine. Why wait to have skin, hair or waist problems? Time has come for building upstream, optimizing and maintaining our beauty assets.

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To guarantee clean formulas, 100% respectful of the world and the body, D-LAB has chosen vegetal capsules and natural French-Greentech ingredients. Non-irradiated, GMO-free, nanoparticles-free, preservatives-free and untested on animals. #MIAM

Leader for 10 years in luxury spas

Accor Thalassa Sea & Spa

« It was important for us to complete our holistic approach with nutritional supplements. D-LAB has particularly seduced us by its professionalism and the high quality of its formulas. »

Marie-Laure Bret

Treatment Products Manager

Lutetia Paris Hotel

« Our spa supports each customer in a unique and integral way, so it is important to be able to act both IN & OUT. We chose D-LAB because it is a natural, expert brand and the products are perfectly trendy. »

Nadia Seri Gobert

Spa Director

Cible Clinic Paris 8

« Today nutricosmetics is a major part of CIBLE CLINIC given its perfect complementarity with the aesthetic interventions we offer. Our doctors have chosen D-LAB for its expertise and its products of very high quality which allow us to improve the results and meet a beautiful popularity with our patients. »

Jean Ginefri


Medi-Spark Enghien-les-Bains

« The formulas of D-LAB are simple to apprehend on the form and ultra-technical on the bottom. That’s exactly what you expect in a medi-spa. »

Odile Locquet

Director of Operations


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